Although the Circus performance that you will see lasts just under two hours, the Circus planning for this will have started some 18 months to 2 years prior, with the booking of the site that the Circus will visit.

The winter monthís preceding the visit is the time that the production is planned and the Artistes are chosen from the various countries and hundreds of videos received for the dexterity and particular skill of their individual routines.

The Circus equipment is painted, vehicles tested, lighting checked, wire rigging replaced and new costumes tailored. All the equipment you see at the Circus is manufactured by the Circus team themselves, as Circus equipment is unique in its requirements.

Once the 36-week tour is under way, the Circus will pre-advertise its visit to the town with newspaper advertising, radio coverage, and distribution of some 1500-2000 posters and 50,000 advertising tickets per week. The Circus will travel some 2000 miles each year, visit around 50 towns and consume about 2,500 litres of fuel per week on generators and transport. Once at the venue, the Circus will "Build Up" in approximately 4 hours and dismantle or "Pull Down" in about 2 hours and then disappear as magically as it arrived.

Jay Millerís work hard behind the scenes to bring you the very best in entertainment.