2018 is a very notable year for all Circuses around the world, as it celebrates the 25th Anniversary of modern Circus. Back in 1768, Phillip Astley started Modern Day Circus as we know it and 250 years later, here at Jay Millers, we are proud to carry on the heritage and tradition of this great family entertainment.

In celebration of this fact, this year's show is certainly not one to be missed.

To present an ALL NEW array of talent in this year's Production, is our International Ringmaster MITCHELL PITCH retuning from AUSTRALIA.

For the first time with Jay Millers Circus, we have Aerial Artistry from DUO PASSIONE, Foot-Juggling from MISS LARYSA. On the bouncing trampoline: TEMUR from Kiev and from France, the Lord of the LASERS: FLORIAN. Returning from the Ukraine with all new routines for your delight and amazement we have: DUO VAKAL and the Gorgeous MISS PAIGE graces aloft as the Girl in the GLOBE.

From ITALY: we have The MARTIS BROTHERS presenting their talents. They will captivate you with their strength and dexterity.

Definitely not to be forgotten and back by popular demand, it's our lovable, madcap and zany clown, PEPPI. No one knows what's in store when he appears, so watch out and prepare to be entertained as laughter is his speciality! All of this with a special appearance by YOGI BEAR and BUBU, there is undoubtedly something for all ages!

FUN AND ENTERTAINMENT for all the Family. These are the two main factors of this year's production as we celebrate 250 years of Circus. So join in and experience the atmosphere and excitement that is Circus!

JAY MILLERS CIRCUS, once again a fantastic Show! Choreographed to be suitable for everyone, whatever their age.

To avoid any disappointment BOOK EARLY!


Early Booking is advised, Telephone 07976 – 655180 today.